Rhoda Cohen's Personal Outlook

It seems I have reinvented myself many times through this artwork. Having had precious little experience while young in the field of art, certainly not seeing myself in that context at all, I was free to let circumstances carry me this way and that. If there had been a plan for how I should progress, it couldn't have been better than how things dovetailed naturally. Painting, drawing, sculpting, studying art history, sometimes together, sometimes singly finally blended into quilt making. This has absorbed me totally. To have concluded, after such a broad apprenticeship, that this fabric medium was my milieu, total commitment was inevitable.

I found a perfect description for how I feel about my quilts. "The small private garden's purpose is to express, protect and console the individual". All other concepts like commitment, ideals, hard work, even creativity resides in that description. But still, quilts have to mean something. I have to know where they fit in terms of things already known. Appearance is just the start, its own meaning, its colored spaces, planes, rhythms, contrasts are its statement. Content is something that burrows under the surface; the idea that what truly matters has to be revealed, not performed. It's what's going on underneath the obvious image that touches me. I know that color and fabric can express ideas and sensations for which words are useless, so without much analysis I indulge my senses, hoping to connect in some way to those who might wish to share the experience.

Finally, my definition of an Art Quilt:

It exhibits an aesthetic connection common to the whole range of visual arts while holding fast through fabric and technique to its folk art origins.